Your panorama hotel in Dorf Tirol

Above the Roofs of Merano

Gentle swaying in the summer breeze, the warm rays of the sun on your skin, an unrivalled view and you right in the middle of it all!

A break at the Panoramahotel in Dorf Tirol is characterized by short distances and many opportunities.

City, mountains and a view from the Adige Valley to the Venosta Valley aawait you and your friends when you come to visit us and explore the area with the hotel's own chairlift.

We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

Your Götsch Family
with the entire Panorama Chairlift Team
Take your own chair to the sky
Cozy with a View

Gentle splashing, birdsong, and relaxation in the shade of palm trees. Or, sweat away the daily grind, get massaged by whirlpool bubbles, and listen to absolute silence. Either way, with a guarantee of relaxation! 

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Flavoursome with a Touch of Refinement

Use the view of the Vigiljoch as inspiration for the day over a hearty breakfast.After returning from varied experiences, have a chat - or "Ratscher" as we say here - with the hosts over an aperitif and then indulge in the traditional specialities of the house. Simple and enjoyable!


Weitere Infos

"I can't say enough good things about this hotel. They have a great breakfast, lunch and dinner at reasonable prices. The rooms are larger than those in most European hotels and they have a balcony to enjoy the breathtaking views. As a bonus, you get a free chair lift to Merano. This is a family run hotel and in the 5 days we were there we felt like part of the family."

Judith, Tripadvisor

Very nicely furnished rooms with large covered balconies, where you can also make yourself comfortable on rainy days.

Wellness pool and shower in the house, outdoor pool with a view of Meran.

Excellent restaurant, accessible directly from Meran by chairlift (free for guests staying at the hotel).

Manuela Myzska, Google

A superb location, great food, and friendly owners.

Great view of Meran and a private chairlift from the hotel to the Lauben of Meran.

We had a very relaxing time.

Karina, Holidaycheck