Dorf Tirol: sights galore

On the back of the K├╝chelberg

Our home municipality stretches from Zenoberg all the way up to the unique Texelgruppe Nature Park. We have put together a few things for you to discover in this sun-kissed corner of the world. But don't worry, that's not all!

Freedom is not that you can do what you want, but also that you want what you do.

Leo Tolstoi
Our landmark

If you're planning a break in Tyrol, you can't miss it. The fortified castle and probably the most photographed motif in the area: Tirol Castle. Once the seat of the Counts of Tyrol, it is now the Museum of Cultural and Regional History.

Tirol Castle
Stately hike

From the village centre via the castle hill to the Farmer's Cross, this circular trail leads past beautiful resting places and viewpoints. The approximately 6.4 km long hike awaits you with natural highlights all year round.

Stately hike
On the wings of the eagle

But many other birds of prey and wild birds also find a place in the care centre for bird fauna, are looked after here and some are also released again. You can learn all about the feathered inhabitants during daily flight demonstrations.

Castle life on a steep slope

As a neighbouring house to Tyrol Castle, Brunnenburg Castle is unfortunately sometimes somewhat forgotten. However, it has no less to offer in terms of historical content, as these walls were the place where the American poet Ezra Pound worked for a long time. Today, the Brunnenburg houses an agricultural museum.

Brunnenburg Castle